What To Expect On Sunday – Answers To 7 Questions

Q. How Long Is The Service?
Our Sunday morning worship service lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Q. Is There Childcare?
We provide free childcare for newborns up to children in kindergarten.

Q. How Should I Dress?
Simply put, come as you are. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. For some that means jeans and a shirt, for others it means a suit and a tie. We're more interested in you than what you're wearing.

Q. Will I Be Singled Out?
No. We will not ask visitors to stand and be recognized, to give a testimony, to come to the front, or anything like that.

Q. Will I Be Pressured To Give Money?
Absolutely not. Giving is for regular attenders who partner with us by supporting our mission.

Q. What Are The Sermons Like?
We typically preach the Bible, verse-by-verse, book-by-book. We believe that you’ll find, in the pages of the Bible, a more gripping story and a more satisfying explanation and solution to the troubles of life than the false promise of “Three Quick Steps To A Whole New You” styled lectures.

Q. What Is The Music Like?
We reach out to good musicians in our midst, and we invite them to do what they do best. We try to include the best hymns from church history as well as contemporary songs. Our goal is to celebrate who God is and what He has done together as a worshipping commuity.